Photo Shooting & Prices

To know everything about the shootings and their prices!
The way I work

Let me explain here quickly the way I work. Send me a message if you need more informations!

Before the Shooting

So you are interested in a Photo Shooting in Paris?
Well the first thing to do is to contact me!
So you can tell who you are, and what you expect from the shooting.
We will discuss about the buildings and monuments in front of which you want to be shot (let me guess, the Eiffel Tower is part of the list?), and everything else!
If you are still in…well we just have to schedule (day, time, place) the photo shooting!
You will juste have to pay a part in advance to validate and we are good to go!

D Day

Here we are! Ready? So let’s go!

During the shooting, I just want you to feel comfortable, so your picture look even better!
Of course you’ll maybe have to pose, but you’ll soon discover that there is a model hidden inside 😉

And so we go, from one place to another (the places we decided before), taking picture, and enjoying a good and funny time in Paris!

And because being a model is more exhausting than it seems, I can offer you a coffee break in a Café ( if you want to!)!

In the end, pictures are taken and it’s time to say goodbye!

After the Shooting

I only keep the best pictures (among hundreds) so I have to make a selection!

Once the selection is made, I will adjust pictures so their colors, their luminosity, and frame are perfect!

You will get the pictures in the 7 days following your shooting (most of the time, it’s 2 or 3 days).
You can ask me to change or re-arrange some pictures if you want (for example, turn one in Sepia or Back and White).

And this is it : you have beautiful souvenirs of your stay in Paris!

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